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Twin Peaks 1987 images from Rick Stevens Collection

Photos by Rick Stevens

A collection of photos from the Twin Peaks in San Francisco’s Castro District, the “Peaks” Twin Peaks in one of the original gay bars from the early 70s that still exists today.

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Rick-Stevens-Twin-Peaks-from 1987


2006 – Twin Peaks in The Castro

A gallery of fascinating images from the Twin Peaks Tavern in The Castro; including a birthday dinner at the the Sausage Factory and cocktail parties at customers’ homes. It was all one big family.  And and Liz the cocktail waitress, her retirement party. Enjoy. Click here for the 2006 Twin Peaks Gallery.

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Gladys Bumps.

Gladys Bumps.

2005 at the Twin Peaks Tavern

On a daily basis the Twin Peaks had its regulars that showed like clock work during cocktail hour, every day of the week, it was a big family, in a one big living room. Groups of friends from the “Peaks” would host dinners, parities at their homes and local restaurants in The Castro.  I’ve included photos from some of those events outside the Twin Peaks.

Liz the cocktail waitress was like our mother, she would joke, giggle and kid around with everyone, I think she has a much fun as we did.  Liz had an amazing personality with so much energy, she handled the crowded bar providing drinks to all the packed tables, she knew everyones name and what they drank, she was a professional. Please click on the photo for the 2005 gallery. Enjoy!

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2004 – Twin Peaks

The Twin Peaks tavern in The Castro, was one of the original Castro gay bars still operating today, originally opened in 1971 by Lesbian business woman Charlotte Coleman.  The Peaks has many affectionate names since it has been a popular hangout for older gay man and their younger admirers, The Wrinkle Room, The Glass Coffin, God’s Waiting Room and I sure I’ve forgotten many others.  It’s still one of the only bars in The Castro where you can sit at a table, party and enjoy cocktails with your friends. I have taken 100s of photos over the years, this is a first in a series of those photos starting from 2004.  Click the photo for the 2004 gallery. Enjoy!

Twin Peaks 2004

1980 – Gay Freedom Parade

Latent for 30 years.

These images from this film sat in a box undeveloped for 30 years, I thought I had lost them going through an old box of fun stuff I been keeping all these years.  I went to a film rescue lab and they were able to develop these latent images.  I shot these on Market St. near Sansome St and Montgomery St.


Ron Williams


1998 – Matthew Shepard – Memorial and Protest

Matthew Shepard expressions of sympathy at 18th and Castro.

Matthew Shepard expressions of sympathy at 18th and Castro.

Matthew Shepard was brutally attacked on Oct 6, 1998 and he died on Oct 12, 1998 from the deadly injuries inflicted upon him.  The Castro was in a state of shock, there was a street protest, a candlelight vigil and community expressions of sympathy and outrage on the corner of 18th and Castro.  These photos reflect the hurt everyone felt by this hateful act.

1996 – 14th AIDS Candlelight Mobilization

1996 Political Support

1996 Political Support

1996 – 14th AIDS Candlelight Mobilization – Castro and Market to City Hall.

1995 – 13th AIDS Candlelight


A few photo from the 13th Annual AIDS Candlelight march. The banner was carried by many to city hall, including Mark Leno and Willie Brown.

2004 – Castro Street Fair

Castro Street from 2004, photos from the street and inside Twin Peaks Bar.

Castro Street Fair 2004

Castro Street Fair 2004

2003 – Castro St. Fair


The Castro Street Fair is a vital part of the LGBT Community and The Castro.

2002 – Castro St. Halloween


A Few photos from Halloween in The Castro 2002.

2007 Castro Halloween at the Twin Peaks


The fabulous Jimmy Langham.

At the 2007 Halloween celebration at the Twin Peaks the staff pulled out all the stops, it was packed and all the regulars were in costume. Click on the photo for the Halloween 2007 gallery. Enjoy!

2002 – Castro Street Fair

2002 Castro Street Fair

1970 – G. Mark Mulleian’s Crucifixion


Mark Mulleian’s
Homoerotic Crucifixion has been stolen.

I first met Mark Mulleian in 1970 while living in the Morning Glory Commune in The Haight Asbury. We were all fascinated with Mark’s Crucifixion painting. Ron Raz an up and coming New York was the model. I published my memoirs in 2012, and reconnected with Mark again after nearly 45 years, here’s the excerpt from, “San Francisco’s Sissy Native Son.” by Ron Williams.

“Upon the gallery wall was an enormous canvass eleven by seven feet:  “The Crucifixion,” a work in progress. It lay upon scaffolding for the artist and at 90 degrees on the opposing wall, a life size wooden cross for the model, Ron Raz himself, to hang upon (un-nailed) during the hours he modeled for the Crucifixion. We found it a revolutionary work of art as well as a controversial painting. Mark beautifully enhanced the Crucifixion with the chiseled muscular features that he transposed from Ron Raz’s masculine body onto the canvass. From my perspective it was an erotic Jesus with, perfect biceps, muscles and to-die-for and perfect abs. Even the naked feet depicted with nails driven directly through the ankles into the cross were fascinating and aesthetically arousing. 

We all knew it would be controversial to publish a spread about the artist and the “The Crucifixion,” but we couldn’t pass it up; it seemed out of the context of what we were doing with the “Organic Morning Glory.”  But then so was Mark Mulleian, who was a Vietnam veteran and a bitter one at that. He had been angered by U.S. policies in Vietnam War and nearly court-martialed for carrying dismantled rusted parts of his rifle in a gunnysack to protest the war.”

Today the whereabouts of Mark Mulleian’s  Crucifixion painting is unknown, it disappeared from Mark’s storage locker, several years ago.

Paul Deegan writes about Mark Mulleian.

1997 Princess Diana Memorial in the Castro

1997 Princess Diana

1997 Princess Diana memorial of flowers and messages at 18th and Castro Sts.


2006 – The Castro Street Fire in April

Does anyone remember the Castro Street Fire in 2006?