G. Mark Mulleian, Controversial Artist, LGBTQ Activist, Film Director, and San Francisco Native, has passed.

Paul Deegan, Mark’s partner called and shared his passing after a long battle against heart disease and cancer. Mark, was always soft-spoken, friendly, a bit shy, and very generous. His consummate talent as an artist is distinctive, profound, and really talks to the viewer. I will miss those long dinners at the Sausage Factory, dish, dish, dish and glasses of Cabernet at the Twin Peaks. RIP my friend.



I knew Mark from the 1970s when I was part of the Organic Morning Glory Message commune and published a magazine of the same name during the Haight era, 1968 thru 1971, when he produced the famous ‘Homoerotic Crucifixtion’ At the Lenoard Frank Gallery, in San Francisco, with popular 70s model Ron Razz posing as the Christ.


Mark was also a regular customer at the Twin Peaks bar and I worked as an associate producer on his LGBTQ documentary “Stonewall: The Movement.” 2014 and played the film festival circuit.