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2006 – Twin Peaks in The Castro

A gallery of fascinating images from the Twin Peaks Tavern in The Castro; including a birthday dinner at the the Sausage Factory and cocktail parties at customers’ homes. It was all one big family.  And and Liz the cocktail waitress, her retirement party. Enjoy. Click here for the 2006 Twin Peaks Gallery.

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Gladys Bumps.

Gladys Bumps.

2005 at the Twin Peaks Tavern

On a daily basis the Twin Peaks had its regulars that showed like clock work during cocktail hour, every day of the week, it was a big family, in a one big living room. Groups of friends from the “Peaks” would host dinners, parities at their homes and local restaurants in The Castro.  I’ve included photos from some of those events outside the Twin Peaks.

Liz the cocktail waitress was like our mother, she would joke, giggle and kid around with everyone, I think she has a much fun as we did.  Liz had an amazing personality with so much energy, she handled the crowded bar providing drinks to all the packed tables, she knew everyones name and what they drank, she was a professional. Please click on the photo for the 2005 gallery. Enjoy!

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2004 – Twin Peaks

The Twin Peaks tavern in The Castro, was one of the original Castro gay bars still operating today, originally opened in 1971 by Lesbian business woman Charlotte Coleman.  The Peaks has many affectionate names since it has been a popular hangout for older gay man and their younger admirers, The Wrinkle Room, The Glass Coffin, God’s Waiting Room and I sure I’ve forgotten many others.  It’s still one of the only bars in The Castro where you can sit at a table, party and enjoy cocktails with your friends. I have taken 100s of photos over the years, this is a first in a series of those photos starting from 2004.  Click the photo for the 2004 gallery. Enjoy!

Twin Peaks 2004

1980 – Gay Freedom Parade

Latent for 30 years.

These images from this film sat in a box undeveloped for 30 years, I thought I had lost them going through an old box of fun stuff I been keeping all these years.  I went to a film rescue lab and they were able to develop these latent images.  I shot these on Market St. near Sansome St and Montgomery St.


Ron Williams