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  • Capturing Our Diversity

    Historic photo-book of Pride Parades documents an evolving LGBTQ community history in his own transition from analog film to digital photography. Color-bedazzled Pride pictures become profound printed alongside his black-and-white photos of the pre-AIDS Pride Parade. This nostalgic photo memoir by a participant eyewitness activist. Capturing Our Diversity 3 Decades of San Francisco PRIDE Images […]

  • 37 years since the assassination of Harvey Milk

    Today marks 37 years since the assignation of Supervisor Harvey Milk and Mayor George Moscone at City Hall in San Francisco. These photos are from the annual Harvey Milk Annual Candlelight March from Castro Street to City Hall, around 1990, not positive of the year. In pouring down rain, November 27, 1998, Harry Britt honoring […]

  • Palm Springs Pride 2015

    Palm Springs has its Pride Parade in November, when the weather is absolutely beautiful.

  • June 2015 will be 45 years of Pride

    June is upon us and it’s Pride month; but I believe we celebrate our unique presence in the world everyday, Pride is also about history, I remember those early years the first “Gay” parade I marched in 1970, we marched unceremoniously through San Francisco’s Tenderloin (don’t remember the street) and down Polk St. many people on […]

  • Honoring Harvey Milk’s Birthday – a tribute by Harry Britt Harry Britt’s poignant words remembering Harvey Milk on a rainy night in The Castro during the 20th Candlelight Vigil, November 28, 1998. [whohit]Britt Post[/whohit]

  • Looking Back 2004 & 2005 images from The Castro

    Reflecting back 10 years I found an assortment of photos that really depict The Castro. The photos speak for themselves: some from Folsom St, Dore Alley, Pink Saturday, The Twin Peaks and various street shots. [whohit]Looing-back Post[/whohit]  

  • Armistead Maupin & Chris Turner at Burning Man

    The brilliant writing of Armistead Maupin, is beautifully woven into the fabric of LGBTQ culture and history.  Those wonderful characters portrayed in his many books are fascinating and so easy to relate to. During Burning Man 2013 we had the great pleasure of joining the crowd listening to Armistead reading from the manuscript of his upcoming novel, “The […]

  • Gender Performance and Drag

    Gender Performance and Drag The celebrated philosopher Judith Butler rejects both the notion that gender is an essential characteristic of persons and the claim that sex determines ones gender. “Sex” refers to the biological and physiological characteristics that define men and women. “Gender” refers to the socially constructed roles, behaviors, activities, and attributes that a […]

  • Genderally Speaking – gender expression photo exhibit – Sierra College

    A Sierra College student critique of “Genderally Speaking.” “The pictures exhibited by Ron Williams were so unique and definitely not something that you see everyday. In his picture you could see how full of life these men and women were and how confident they were in themselves, something many of us strive for. It was […]

  • Remembering the 1997 Castro Street Fair

    [whohit]castro 97[/whohit] A look back to the 1997 Castro St Fair. Things were much different then, these 35mm photos show some of the culture that has disappeared as time marches on.

  • A look back- Castro Street Fair 1995

    [whohit]castro 95[/whohit] Here are a few photos from the Castro Street Fair, scanned from film, I believe there may be a few images mixed in from Easter earlier that year. The negs and slides were all mixed up, any comments or additional information always appreciated.

  • 2006 – Empress José Sarria street dedication ceremony

    This month marks the anniversary of Empress José Sarria passing, August 19, 2013. José is our revered champion of LGBTQ political activism and civil rights. On May 27, 2006, in The Castro, on 16th Street & Pond in front of the Eureka Valley/Harvey Milk Memorial Branch Library was dedicated as José Sarria Court. I had the pleasure of attending […]

  • Twin Peaks 1987 images from Rick Stevens Collection

    Photos by Rick Stevens A collection of photos from the Twin Peaks in San Francisco’s Castro District, the “Peaks” Twin Peaks in one of the original gay bars from the early 70s that still exists today. [whohit]post stevens[/whohit]  

  • 2005 at the Twin Peaks Tavern

    2005 at the Twin Peaks Tavern

    On a daily basis the Twin Peaks had its regulars that showed like clock work during cocktail hour, every day of the week, it was a big family, in a one big living room. Groups of friends from the “Peaks” would host dinners, parities at their homes and local restaurants in The Castro.  I’ve included […]

  • 1980 – Gay Freedom Parade

    1980 – Gay Freedom Parade

    Latent for 30 years. These images from this film sat in a box undeveloped for 30 years, I thought I had lost them going through an old box of fun stuff I been keeping all these years.  I went to a film rescue lab and they were able to develop these latent images.  I shot […]

  • 1998 – Matthew Shepard – Memorial and Protest

    1998 – Matthew Shepard – Memorial and Protest

    Matthew Shepard was brutally attacked on Oct 6, 1998 and he died on Oct 12, 1998 from the deadly injuries inflicted upon him.  The Castro was in a state of shock, there was a street protest, a candlelight vigil and community expressions of sympathy and outrage on the corner of 18th and Castro.  These photos […]

  • 1996 – 14th AIDS Candlelight Mobilization

    1996 – 14th AIDS Candlelight Mobilization

    1996 – 14th AIDS Candlelight Mobilization – Castro and Market to City Hall.

  • 2004 – Castro Street Fair

    2004 – Castro Street Fair

    Castro Street from 2004, photos from the street and inside Twin Peaks Bar.

  • 2003 – Castro St. Fair

    2003 – Castro St. Fair

    The Castro Street Fair is a vital part of the LGBT Community and The Castro.

  • 2002 – Castro St. Halloween

    2002 – Castro St. Halloween

    A Few photos from Halloween in The Castro 2002.