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  • Twin Peaks bar San Francisco (group photo)

    Twin Peaks group photo from 10 years ago.

  • Looking Back 2004 & 2005 images from The Castro

    Reflecting back 10 years I found an assortment of photos that really depict The Castro. The photos speak for themselves: some from Folsom St, Dore Alley, Pink Saturday, The Twin Peaks and various street shots. [whohit]Looing-back Post[/whohit]  

  • Twin Peaks 1987 images from Rick Stevens Collection

    Photos by Rick Stevens A collection of photos from the Twin Peaks in San Francisco’s Castro District, the “Peaks” Twin Peaks in one of the original gay bars from the early 70s that still exists today. [whohit]post stevens[/whohit]  

  • 2006 – Twin Peaks in The Castro

    2006 – Twin Peaks in The Castro

    A gallery of fascinating images from the Twin Peaks Tavern in The Castro; including a birthday dinner at the the Sausage Factory and cocktail parties at customers’ homes. It was all one big family.  And and Liz the cocktail waitress, her retirement party. Enjoy. Click here for the 2006 Twin Peaks Gallery. [whohit]TP 2006[/whohit]

  • 2005 at the Twin Peaks Tavern

    2005 at the Twin Peaks Tavern

    On a daily basis the Twin Peaks had its regulars that showed like clock work during cocktail hour, every day of the week, it was a big family, in a one big living room. Groups of friends from the “Peaks” would host dinners, parities at their homes and local restaurants in The Castro.  I’ve included […]

  • 2004 – Twin Peaks

    2004 – Twin Peaks

    The Twin Peaks tavern in The Castro, was one of the original Castro gay bars still operating today, originally opened in 1971 by Lesbian business woman Charlotte Coleman.  The Peaks has many affectionate names since it has been a popular hangout for older gay man and their younger admirers, The Wrinkle Room, The Glass Coffin, […]